Hip Hop Game Roadmap

4th Quarter
Added first 100 artists in queue for NFT minting
Created first of their kind metaverse festival experiences in DC for:
--- 9/24 - ArtAllNight
--- 10/14-16 - DC Music Summit
--- 10/29 - UCB's 25th Anniversary
11/11 Launched our first NFTs on the Bitcoin Blockchain!
11/11 Inaugural Metaverse Party & NFT Launch
11/11 Launched LyricOlym.pics
Created the LyricOlym.pics, fantasy hip hop league, to give our NFTs immediate utility w/ a heavy focus on networking & building symbiotic relationships within the Web3 space.
11/28 First LyricOlym.pics Draft. Partnership with 10 NFT communities
12/26 - 40 artist's card dispensers launched

3rd Quarter
Hosted an event at NFT.NYC.
8/7/22 - We began the #MetaverseTour (Rapping and talking crypto from Maine to New Mexico).
8/11/22 - HIPHOP.GAME was born by launching the Hip Hop DAO.

2nd Quarter
Launched our community token Join Coin, our community token.
Started onboarding artists.

1st Quarter
Began developing game mechanics.

4th Quarter
Hosted a birthday party for Casual of Hieroglyphics in the metaverse.

3rd Quarter
Assembled core team.
Purchased metaverse land in Voxels.com
First tour Brooklyn (NY), Manchester (NH) & Portland (ME) ft Mental Stamina & Flex Mathews.

2nd Quarter
Onboarded hundreds of people to the blockchain.
Held a race to $100,000 in our Discord in which a dozen members cleared $100,000.

1st Quarter
Launched Discord with a focus on teaching Web3 to our community.

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