$HIPHOP Community Art Share Holdings



$HIPHOP, or HIPHOP.CASH, is the in-game currency that allows you to play the HIPHOP.GAME! The token will be launched on the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop (August 11th, 2023). HIPHOP.CASH represents our $HIPHOP Community Art Share Holdings. We are filling our DAO's treasury with hip hop music and collectibles. Our tokens will represent our fractional ownership of the community's art collection.


Trade $HIPHOP to collect virtual land, characters and items to create your team. Vote to help decide battles, rank your favorite artists and share your influence in the HIPHOP.GAME

We will connect our community with a cryptocurrency, virtual land, collectible characters/items and eventually a playable game. Collect some HIPHOP.CASH and play the HIPHOP.GAME (Generate A Meme Ecosystem)!


Symbol: $HIPHOP
Contract: 0x20835FC8c1BDc2bf06cb0522a017def00cC14E87
Blockchain: Ethereum (ETH)
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
Liquidity Pool: 60%
Marketing & Development: 15%
Player Rewards: 10%
Artist Rewards: 10%
Team Rewards: 5%
Launch Date: August 11th, 2023
Liquidity Locked: 365 Days

Token Locks


Hip Hop Community


Collect $HIPHOP, virtual land, virtual pets and other items to power your team to become the best players in the game. There's no war in the HIPHOP.GAME, instead the interactions are based around parties. Throw parties with allies and battle with rivals to spread your team's influence across the land.

Hip Hop Database


Collaborate with other players to form teams and collect land, cash and status. A team consists of a minimum of 1 piece of land and 5 pets.

Hip Hop Game


Compete with other teams for land, cash and status. Every piece of land is home to potential friends or foes. Use diplomacy wisely to expand your influence!

Hip Hop Game


Celebrate as we commemorate the 50th Birthday of Hip Hop and the launch of $HIPHOP on August 11th, 2023. We will have virtual celebrations each month to celebrate our top teams and an annual party each HIPHOP.DAY (August 11th) to connect & showcase the best of our community.

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