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The Hip Hop Metaverse is a play-to-earn virtual world where you can play music and games. Creators are turned into collectible NFTs that collectors can trade for cryptocurrency. Each trade is shared with the creator, other collectors and the community.


100 Total

Status: Unreleased

Hip Hop Trading Cards

Hip Hop Metaverse - Merc_the_Big_Body_Benz Trading Card NFT

Merc the Big Body Benz

Hip Hop Metaverse - Prowess_the_Testament Trading Card NFT

Prowess the Testament

Hip Hop Metaverse - Parnhashnakovsky Trading Card NFT


Hip Hop Metaverse - Enoch_7th_Prophet Trading Card NFT

Enoch 7th Prophet

Hip Hop Metaverse - Precious_Gorgeous Trading Card NFT

Precious Gorgeous

Hip Hop Metaverse - D.O.E._C.I.G.A.P.O.M. Trading Card NFT

D.O.E. C.I.G.A.P.O.M.

Hip Hop Metaverse - Jah-I-Witness_Emcee Trading Card NFT

Jah-I-Witness Emcee

Hip Hop Metaverse - Tislam_the_Great Trading Card NFT

Tislam the Great

Hip Hop Metaverse - Rocky_The_Rhyme_Slayer Trading Card NFT

Rocky The Rhyme Slayer

Hip Hop Metaverse - Supreem_Da_Rezarekta Trading Card NFT

Supreem Da Rezarekta

Hip Hop Metaverse - The_Nappy_Headed_Hooligan Trading Card NFT

The Nappy Headed Hooligan

Hip Hop Metaverse - Killakmadeinbrooklyn Trading Card NFT


Hip Hop Metaverse - Dior_Ashley_Brown Trading Card NFT

Dior Ashley Brown

Hip Hop Metaverse - One_Great_Bastard Trading Card NFT

One Great Bastard

Hip Hop Metaverse - Courage_theWizard Trading Card NFT

Courage theWizard

Hip Hop Metaverse - Danielle_Mitchell Trading Card NFT

Danielle Mitchell

Hip Hop Metaverse - Brown_Paper_Doll Trading Card NFT

Brown Paper Doll

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