Play the Hip Hop GAME

Generative Autonomous Metaverse Experience

Create hip hop metaverses from rap verses by playing with your BEATS.
Use your BEATS to create MEMES on your computer to build your TEAM.
Use your TEAM to control the clubs & command your community to become the “Greatest DJ in the World”

Hip Hop Trade commands the GAME property with our tokens & NFTs.


User submitted content in the Hip Hop Database (HHDB.COM) will be searched and displayed using the Hip Hop Directory Browser (HIPHOP.DIRECTORY). This real world content will be connected to communities in the Hip Hop Game (HIPHOP.GAME).

Run by the HIPHOP.TEAM

Hip Hop Vote controls the GAME power with our DAO.

Run by the HIPHOP.ARMY

Hip Hop Trading Cards

Hip Hop Community


We mint 10,000 trading cards to represent the artist's community in the HIPHOP.GAME

Hip Hop Database


Collaborate with other communities in the Hip Hop GAME.

Hip Hop Game


Compete with other communities in the Hip Hop GAME.

Hip Hop Game


Celebrate Hip Hop as we connect the world to commemorate the 50th Birthday of Hip Hop and the beginning of the Hip Hop GAME on August 11th, 2023.

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