Play with your BEATS in the


Generative Autonomous Metaverse Experience

Create hip hop metaverses from rap verses by playing with your BEATS.
Use your BEATS to create MEMES on your computer to build your TEAM.
Use your TEAM to control the clubs & command your community to become the “Greatest DJ in the World”


Play the GAME

Join the GAME

Hip hop artists can join the GAME by submitting their profile and a photo.

Everyone is encouraged to chat in our community (Discord) and play in our metaverse (Voxels) while we continue to develop the GAME.

Trade Tokens

Everyone has the opportunity to own the TOP properties in our GAME MARKETS by playing with our hip hop trading cards and tokens: $Join $HIPHOP.

Run Hip Hop

Everyone with tokens can RUN Hip Hop by exercising voting rights in the GAME MANAGEMENT DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

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